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Proud to be… Wyome, Patrick and Tsi Kwan

In “Proud to be…” we interview colleagues from the LGBTQI+ community, putting them in the well-deserved spotlight. Within KPMG everyone should be able to come as they are. That is why we strive for an inclusive culture and work environment where you can be yourself, feel valued and do work that matters.


Come as you are

You belong here, with your full authentic self, your unique perspective and experiences. Through our different perspectives we complement each other and create insights: together, for better. We believe that your insights can create opportunities for yourself and your team to contribute to a better future.

We do know, however, that for some people, opportunities without support, encouragement and acceptance are not always obvious. Therefore, in our interview series “Proud to be…” we would like to put the spotlight on our colleagues from the LGBTQI+ community and raise awareness for equal opportunities, everywhere.

In the videos we dive into their journeys of coming out, how colleagues can be better allies, and what ‘come as you are’ means for them.

Proud to be Wyome

" For me, I think I need the freedom to feel like ‘I can change’. Also, I need a space where I know that everyone else feels to come as they are too. And that I am not going to be the only one who is going to be trying to shake it up and change." - Wyome (she/they). Watch the video to hear Wyome’s inspirational story.

Proud to be Patrick

"I don’t want to feel special. I don’t want to feel something different. And by other colleagues treating me as the rest, in that way they make me feel at home and they make me feel welcome." - Patrick (he/him). Watch the video to hear Patrick’s inspirational story.

Proud to be Tsi Kwan

"Come as you are means to me to be your authentic self. To bring every part of your life to work. Your private life, your relationships, your friends, your family and also the people that matter to you." - Tsi Kwan (he/him). Watch the video to hear Tsi Kwan’s inspirational story.

Inclusion and diversity

Stephanie Hottenhuis, CEO KPMG Netherlands: "I believe that there is no true freedom without equality. Unequal opportunity - for women, for multicultural talent, for dissenters, for every conceivable minority - harms not only the individual, but also society. It destroys talent, prosperity and progress."

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