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Audit & Assurance

Help our clients in the shift from doing things right to doing the right things. This way, you contribute to their pursuit of growth or progression.

Technology, Data & IT

You will work in a multidisciplinary environment on the technological challenges of today and tomorrow.

Finance & Strategy

Advise a wide range of clients; From mergers and acquisitions to digital sourcing and data-driven reporting.

Business Services

Help increase the impact of KPMG and ensure that the organization operates well.

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Stories of our colleagues

Stephan Kok: ‘At KPMG I work on digital advice and execution’

Stephan Kok has been at KPMG for two and a half years now. He started here in 2019 as a thesis intern. After his internship, he knew for sure: KPMG was a great place to give your career a kick start. Half a year later he was no longer an intern finishing his degree, but a full-blown KPMG consultant in the Digital Enablement team. Curious to know what exactly Stephan does? And how he’s experienced the past two years? Then read on.

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Werk als cyber security consultant bij KPMG

Working in Data & Analytics: an opportunity to add real value for the users of ProRail

Working in Data & Analytics at KPMG. What does it entail? David Dikmann-Falk works as a Manager in the Data & Analytics team of the Technology Department and takes us backstage to see what it’s really like to work in the Data & Analytics team. One thing’s for sure: Thanks to David and his team, ProRail can plan maintenance more effectively and reduce inconvenience for passengers.

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From thesis intern to a cyber security consultant at KPMG

Cristina and Luc are both working as a thesis intern at KPMG in the Cyber Security team. Both decided to continue their career at KPMG after their internship. Those who think that during your internship you are only working on your thesis, they are very wrong. “I am really enjoying the fact that there are plenty of organized activities which do not necessarily involve working, but rather bonding with each other and having fun.”

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