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Audit & Assurance Academy

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As an audit trainee at KPMG, you have many opportunities to make a difference. Audit is about providing trust. Help our clients shift from doing things right, to doing the right things. This way, you give leading organizations the chance to make sustainable choices. Making a significant difference; that is what you do as an audit trainee at KPMG. 

Choose your own path in the Audit & Assurance Academy: accountant training

Based on your interests, you choose the path that suits you best and develop into a financial auditor, IT auditor, digital auditor (with a focus on innovation), or ESG auditor (with a focus on sustainability). Your development is central during the Audit & Assurance Academy. You gain extensive audit experience and develop important competencies. 

View trainee vacancies

Work and part-time university education 

In addition to your work and development at KPMG, you attend university classes once a week at a university of your choice to obtain the necessary qualifications for the rest of your career. You conclude with a post-master's program. Some trainees may also complete a pre-master's and master's degree. 

Tailored trainee program 

Did you know that it does not matter which bachelor's or master's degree you have? Of course, backgrounds in accountancy, control, economics, or business administration are helpful, but there are also trainees with completely different backgrounds. From biochemistry to information science to hospitality management! Everyone is different, and your motivation is the most important factor. 

How long does the Audit & Assurance Academy last? 

We tailor the program specifically to you. On average, the Audit & Assurance Academy lasts four and a half years. However, it can be longer or shorter depending on your personal circumstances. 

What Audit Trainees enjoy about KPMG 

  • Continuous learning. You learn both on the job and during the Audit Foundations. These are several days a year where you work on audit topics and personal development together with other trainees. 

  • Making friends. You always start together with other trainees. Close-knit groups often form, and they continue to stay in touch later in the program. 

  • Obtaining a post-master's degree. You start directly with a university program to become a registered accountant, and you are assigned a development manager and a buddy to help you achieve your goals. 

  • Variety and impact. You work on diverse assignments for a wide range of clients. You help companies grow by doing what is right. 

  • Youthful and social. YOUNG KPMG regularly organizes social activities, and Young Board Now represents the voice of young colleagues in the management. 

  • Informal culture. At KPMG, you will find that accountants are just fun, creative, and approachable people! 

Four specializations in Audit

If you start as an audit trainee at KPMG, the possibilities for learning and development are endless. Within our Audit & Assurance Academy, you specialize in one of the four audit specializations. Curious to know what they are? Watch the video! 

View trainee vacancies

Discover which track within the Audit & Assurance Academy suits you.

Financial Audit & Assurance Academy

How diverse is auditing financial statements? You will discover it during your Audit & Assurance Academy while working towards your qualification as a registered accountant (RA).

IT Audit & Assurance Academy

IT is becoming bigger, more sophisticated, and more important. Do you want to help companies keep their IT organization in order while requalifying as an RE?

ESG Audit & Assurance Academy

Sustainable business practices are a must for every company. You will develop into a sustainability auditor, assessing the true sustainability of organizations.

Digital Audit & Assurance Academy

The audit world is full of innovation opportunities. Will you help seize them? Contribute to building tools that make work more efficient and even more reliable.

Want to know more?

Are you interested in the Audit & Assurance Academy but unsure which track to choose? Do not worry! We will help you decide and find the best fit for you and your talents. Apply for one of the vacancies or contact our recruiter. Alternatively, explore our vacancies.

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Let’s meet Veera Hyytiainen


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