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Join KPMG as an interim professional

Join KPMG as an interim professional

KPMG PEOPLE is the community of and for senior independent professionals in various fields, such as Assurance (Financial Audit, IT Assurance) and Advisory (including Finance, Risk & Regulatory, Strategy & Operations and Technology). From your own community, you will have access to challenging assignments and also to KPMG's network with specific expertise within numerous sectors. This puts you in contact with other top professionals inside and outside KPMG. Take a look at our vacancies for inspiration; several of these positions are also available as assignments


  • You will work on challenging assignments for small and large organizations in the Netherlands and abroad.
  • You will have access to an excellent learning and development pathway
  • You will become part of our community network and participate in training courses, inspiration sessions and networking events

Keep developing and inspiring each other

We offer our people an excellent learning and development pathway that allows them to get the best out of themselves. The same goes for our professionals in the KPMG PEOPLE community. Not only will you grow through the assignments you work on, we also organize training courses and workshops so that you can continue to develop in your profession. We also organize inspiration sessions, relationship and networking meetings and (sports) events.


Are you an independent professional looking for an assignment? Contact our recruiter/send your CV to

Do we have a match?

During an intake interview, you will meet one of our colleagues, with whom you will discuss your background, knowledge, experience and requirements.


Integrity and reliability are at the heart of our cooperation. That is why we screen all our professionals as soon as they come to work for us. Among other things, we check references and apply for a Certificate of Conduct (VOG). 

Welcome to the KPMG PEOPLE community

After these steps, you are part of the KPMG PEOPLE community and we will link you to a sub-community. We also organize various workshops and training courses in specific fields and segments, inspiration and brainstorming sessions, relationship meetings and (sports) events.

Let's meet!

Jeroen Hosman

Senior Manager

Henk Zeegers

Senior Manager

Working at KPMG 

As a member of the KPMG family, you will have every opportunity to be yourself and show yourself. After all, your unique insights are priceless to our clients and your colleagues. You will be surrounded by colleagues who have the same drive as you to get the most out of themselves and make constant progress. As a result, KPMG is brimming with energy. And fun. Are you curious about the possibilities for you as a self-employed person? Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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