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Corporate Responsibility

Making a difference can be done anywhere, but making a big difference can only be done in a few places. KPMG is such a place. Whether it is dealing with complex issues within our audit and advisory work, thinking about a new mobility policy or driving innovation in education, we help leading organizations look ahead and make the right sustainable choices. For society. For the Netherlands. For the world.

Work on pro bono projects

At KPMG, we believe that you get to be an even better professional when you are aware of the broad impact our services have on society and the environment. That is why, through our pro bono programme, every colleague is given time to work on a sustainable and fair world.

A better environment

We have been carbon neutral since 2010 because we compensate our emissions and, in addition, there is an internal price attached to every tonne of carbon we emit that creates an extra budget to make us even more sustainable. In line with the Paris climate accord, we aim to cut our total carbon emissions by half by 2030 compared to 2019. One way we do this is with a flexible mobility policy, lowering the threshold for cycling, electric driving and the use of public transport. We also think carefully when we get on a plane, our offices are energy-efficient and every Monday is Meatless Monday in the company restaurant.

We realize that as a business service provider, we have major impact through the suppliers we work with. Therefore, sustainability is fully integrated into KPMG's procurement policy. We check our suppliers' sustainability policies, include environmental agreements in our contracts and work with suppliers to make our processes as circular as possible. 

Smarter education

We encourage smarter education inside and outside KPMG, because we believe good education is the best way to strengthen the economy and our society. In selecting the social projects we support, lifelong learning is at the centre stage. Examples include the KPMG Jan Hommen Scholarship and our collaboration with the Refugee Talent Hub.

Jan Hommen Scholarship

The KPMG Jan Hommen Scholarship programme is for talented secondary professional education (mbo) students who could use a bit of support. The selection takes the form of a traineeship in which dozens of students are motivated and trained to further develop their talents. We support these students for up to four years with a scholarship worth €2,500 a year.

Finance Academy

Together with Nationale Nederlanden, EY, Rabobank and the Refugee Talent Hub, KPMG is organizing the Finance Academy, put together for talents from refugee backgrounds. The 16-week training programme will start in September 2022. Participants learn more about the ins and outs of the Dutch financial sector, develop new financial skills and get help with their soft skills such as cooperation and applying for a job.

Besides the training courses, the Academy also offers a mentoring programme in which each participant is paired with professional from one of the participating organizations to help them in case of questions and increase their opportunities in the Dutch labour market.