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Work that matters: Fleur’s story

Colleague Fleur Mul (27 years old) is a consultant people & change. She likes to use her knowledge for the good of other people. At KPMG, Fleur has done a pro-bono project for the Sam& Foundation, contributing to the well-being of children in families with financial problems. Read Fleur's story here.

People & Change

Helping poor families

From an early age, Fleur (consultant people & change) has been interested in social issues. Last year she and colleagues worked together on an assignment for the Sam& Foundation. This organization is committed to helping  families with financial issues, that for instance cannot afford  school supplies, sports, music and swimming lessons or celebrating a birthday. Unfortunately, 1 in 12 children grows up in poverty and there is too little awareness about this. Shame plays a major role, but sometimes people just do not know where to go for help.

KPMG was asked to think about ways to bring Sam& to the attention of companies. Research has shown that no fewer than 62% of employers have employees with financial problems. With a program for companies, we help to raise the awareness of Sam&: What do we understand by poverty? How do we recognize signals? And where can someone go for help? Our ultimate goal: more parents seeking help with Sam&. After all, every child deserves a chance to participate fully.

Creating a better world

Are you curious about Fleur's story? Then watch the whole video.

KPMG believes in contributing toa better world for the young generation, and that starts with you. Do you also want to work for an organization that encourages you to better society? At KPMG you can develop your talents in many ways besides your work!

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