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What does KPMG offer you?

Making a difference can happen anywhere, but making a significant impact? That is possible in only a few places, and KPMG is one of them. We sit at the tables where the future is determined, and you are invited! Together, we tackle current challenges, and we can greatly benefit from the unique knowledge, experience, and insights of smart, innovative, and motivated people – your insights. That is why we create a pleasant and healthy working environment so that you can bring out the best in yourself. If you join KPMG, here is what you can expect: 

Make your mark

Unique insights come from unique people. That is why, from your very first day at KPMG, the focus is on your professional and personal development. To ensure that you feel at home quickly, an extensive onboarding program awaits you.

  • You get to know KPMG.
  • You quickly build an interesting network.
  • Together with a coach and inspirator, you explore your personal purpose.

What drives you? This serves as a compass for your contribution to our organization, our clients, and society. The extent of that contribution is entirely up to you. We encourage entrepreneurship. If you have a great idea, it could evolve into a new project, product, or department.

Learn for a lifetime

Every day, we work on innovation and progress. To bring out the best in yourself, the drive to continue developing is crucial. That is why we provide ample opportunities for lifelong learning. You are never alone; there is always someone with whom you can discuss and shape your development journey.

In addition to your daily work, you have the chance to develop yourself through studies, courses, and workshops. You acquire the most current knowledge and discover the latest techniques. This enables us to gain insights for tomorrow, which we use to provide our clients with the best advice today.

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A healthy hybrid workplace

You can count on a healthy working environment, both in the office and at home. We believe that hybrid work should work well in practice. Therefore, you can expect:

  • the opportunity to work from abroad for four weeks per year, for example, from your vacation destination;
  • a desk, chair, and monitor to set up your home workspace;
  • a daily net home office allowance of EUR 2.15.

A healthy workplace also includes a healthy lifestyle. Do you want to exercise in the gym at the office in Amstelveen? Or would you prefer a discount at a gym near you? The choice is yours. Additionally, you receive discounts on health insurance with Zilveren Kruis and coaching services, and you can participate in various health and vitality programs.

Having fun together

Having fun with colleagues, celebrating successes, and relaxing are essential. On Friday afternoons, you are welcome to kick off the weekend with a drink (which can certainly be non-alcoholic). Moreover, we organize many activities in which you can participate with your colleagues, such as:

  • an annual summer party;
  • sports events, such as participating in marathons, and the KPMG hockey, football, and volleyball teams;
  • golf clinics, cooking workshops, and more;
  • masterclasses on current topics such as sustainability, innovation, or blockchain.

Work-life balance

Finding a good work-life balance is important to us. We encourage this both in the office and beyond. Based on a full-time contract, you receive thirty vacation days. If you want more, you can purchase additional days from your Benefits on Demand budget. During the summer months of July and August, you are free to start your weekend at 3:00 PM with Jump Start Friday.

Moreover, we offer various leave arrangements that you can request based on your situation and preferences. And you can exchange public holidays such as Ascension Day or Whit Monday for another holiday of your choice, such as Eid al-Fitr/Ramazan Bayramı (Sugar Feast), Holi, or Chinese New Year.

Sports and relaxation at The Work Out

If you work in Amstelveen, The Work Out might be your new gym. This health and vitality center offers sports facilities, relaxation areas, and access to a physiotherapist. Take part in group classes such as yoga, HIIT, running, or kickboxing. If you prefer to exercise at your own pace, trainers are available to assist you with your personalized training plan and exercises.

Need a moment to relax? The lounge area offers space for a game of pool, table tennis, or table football. If you crave silence or a moment for yourself, you can choose one of the private rooms for meditation, relaxation, or prayer.

Unlimited access to a certified psychologist through OpenUp

At KPMG, we also care about your mental well-being. If you are facing any concerns, big or small, whether work-related or personal, you can easily book a consultation with a certified psychologist through OpenUp.

And let's not forget...

Of course, you will receive from us:

  • your salary, expense and home office allowances;
  • a laptop, phone, and, depending on your role and contract, a car, NS-Business Card (Dutch public transport card), or a commuting allowance;
  • a profit-sharing scheme: you share in KPMG's profits;
  • pension building through Zwitserleven with a Defined Contribution scheme. KPMG makes monthly contributions that Zwitserleven invests on your behalf, growing your pension capital. You don't have to make any mandatory contributions, so you have extra money every month! However, you can choose to make additional periodic contributions if you wish.

Come as you are

As a member of the KPMG family, you can always be yourself and express yourself. In fact, we encourage this. Your unique insights are invaluable to our clients and your colleagues. That is why we work hard to be as diverse and inclusive as possible. You and your colleagues have one thing in common: the drive to bring out the best in yourselves. In a way that suits you as an individual. That is why KPMG is full of energy and fun. From your first day, the focus is on your professional and personal development. You will enjoy the benefits throughout your life.

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