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Inclusion & diversity: come as you are

Nearly 3.900 colleagues bring their own unique perspectives and experiences to KPMG. In doing so, we complement each other and create new opportunities: together, for better. By being open to each other's insights and learning from one another, trust in each other grows, personal and team development occurs, and we can stand together for what is right.

Inclusivity, diversity & equality

As an employee of KPMG, you can be yourself and show who you are. We strive for a culture that is as diverse and inclusive as possible: this is an inherent goal for us. And we work on this every day.
We also aim to be an employer with equal opportunities for everyone, where every colleague feels at home. We create a safe haven through our diversity communities in areas such as pride, gender, ability, cultural diversity, and generations. All of this contributes to an environment full of creativity and innovation, where you can collaborate to the fullest.

Stephanie Hottenhuis, CEO of KPMG Netherlands, says: “I believe that true freedom exists only when there is equality. Equal opportunities have a positive impact on the individual and society. It stimulates talent, prosperity, and progress.”


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A safe working environment for everyone

It is crucial that you feel safe to be yourself and express yourself at KPMG. It is also important that you enjoy your time at KPMG and feel a sense of belonging. These are prerequisites for pleasant work and growth. That is why we continually work to create a safe environment where you can learn and experiment, where you can contribute based on your expertise, and where all your ideas are welcome. We strive to eliminate biases as much as possible from our processes, with the goal of ensuring that everyone can expect equal treatment and the same opportunities. We also pay attention to well-being and provide coaching for employees and managers. Together, we are building a future-proof KPMG where everyone is welcome.

Inclusivity & diversity: our communities

Celebrating diversity and standing up for what is important go hand in hand at KPMG. Five active communities help us in this endeavor.

Diversity networks


We have a large rainbow community, and we are proud of it. KPMG Pride and the Rainbow Squad work on various fronts to create a pleasant and safe working environment for all LGBTQ+ individuals.


If you have a disability, a chronic illness, or some form of neurodiversity, you are more than welcome at KPMG. We work with you to provide appropriate support, guidance, and/or accommodations.


Your cultural background is a part of you, even in the workplace. At KPMG, you have the space to experience, express, and celebrate your culture in the way you want. Our Cultural Diversity Board promotes awareness, interaction, and diversity.


Gender equality is an important theme. With KPMG Inclusive, we connect talented women and encourage growth and development for more women in leadership positions.


Whether you are 18, 60+, or somewhere in between, you are welcome at KPMG, and you have peers to collaborate and engage with. Specifically for colleagues under 31, we have KPMG Young and Young Board Now.

Are you interested in working at KPMG?

Do you consider diversity and inclusivity in the workplace as important as we do? Then a career at KPMG might be right for you.

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