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Let's meet Technology!

This is what working at Technology is about

Do you want to play in the Technology ‘Champions League’? To be part of a team helping customers with the challenges involved in their far-reaching digitization processes? From CRM implementation to security testing and from data-factory to software quality? As part of KPMG’s Technology team, you will be working on the technological challenges of today and tomorrow in a multidisciplinary environment. For example, helping reduce the time people have to wait for their trains or enabling them to book their holidays more quickly and securely. Does that appeal to you? If so, the KPMG Technology team is definitely for you! You will be working on large and small assignments for top SMEs and multinationals in a dynamic and creative department.

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This is what makes us proud

  • At KPMG, progress means working in a team, a team in which you can make an impact with creativity and human insight.
  • Every day, we have over 500 professionals working on projects for our customers and making a difference to society.
  • With our Connected, Powered and Trusted best practices and tools, which we use to shape and accelerate digital transformations in our customers’ businesses.
  • Besides working for our customers, members of our Technology team get to devote time to our numerous non-profit projects.
  • We were the #1 LinkedIn Top Company 2021. KPMG is one of the best places to develop your career.

Video: Leadership in the picture... With Berber Goedhart

In “leadership in the picture”, we ask Berber Goedhart, Partner Data & Analytics about her perspective on leadership. Giving people freedom and space, but always being there for them. Those are the words that describe Berber's leadership style. Berber makes sure there is a safety net there when it is needed.

KPMG offers numerous options to specialize in various areas, get to know different companies and grow professionally

Stephan Kok - Consultant, Digital Enablement

Different teams within Tech

Data & Analytics

Data is the new gold. But data only has value when coupled with strong and reliable data analyses, clear interpretation and good data management. Will you be the person who helps reduce the time we spend waiting for trains in the future?

Digital Advisory

Robotization, artificial intelligence, internet of things; technological developments are coming thick and fast. Will you be the person who makes banks more transparent in the future or improves education?

Cyber Security & Data Privacy

Business information needs to be properly secured. Tackle a wide range of possible issues in the area of cyber security and data privacy. Will you be the person who enables your family and friends to shop securely online in the future?

Enterprise Solutions

Help firms become more agile and competitive through superfast S/4HANA migrations and robust and long-lasting digitization platforms in the Cloud. Will you be the person who stops bike manufacturers from having to reinvent the wheel?

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