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Data Office - Data Governance & Quality Manager

Do you want to work in the newly established and dynamic Data Office team and contribute to KPMG's data-driven future? As a Data Governance & Quality Manager, you can translate your passion for data governance into creating and implementing effective data policies and procedures, safeguarding data quality, and uplifting maturity. This way, you will contribute to building a solid data governance foundation within KPMG.

IT Services
Professional (3+)

Your challenges

  • Aligning on the overall vision and goals for the data platform and data governance capabilities
  • Ensuring data governance practices are integrated into every data domain and adhered to by operational data owners and data stewards
  • Establishing and centrally registering data sharing agreements for each data product
  • Creating and maintaining consistent data governance conventions across various data models
  • Preparing decision-making and analysis documents for review by relevant data council
  • Leading data quality improvement projects based on established data quality rules and standards
  • Managing the intake of data issues for the technical team and communicating their backlog priorities
  • Overseeing the governance process and ensuring standards are met for critical KPIs in collaboration with reporting teams

This is what you bring

  • 2-4 years' experience in a similar data/process-oriented role (e.g., Data Quality Officer, Process Consultant/Coordinator, Quality Assurance Lead)
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills with stakeholders from business to IT
  • Leadership and coordination abilities to manage data owners and data stewards
  • Ability to translate business needs into basic technical requirements
  • Proficiency in data documentation, metadata management, and data quality assessment
  • Problem-solving skills to address data issues effectively
  • Familiarity with data governance tools
  • Analytical skills to measure data governance performance
  • Project management experience for executing data governance initiatives
* These criteria are an indication of the profile we are looking for. Research shows that male candidates often apply when they see a 60% match with the profile, while women only apply when they see a 100% match. If you don't meet all the criteria but you do believe that this is the right position for you, we kindly invite you to apply anyway or get in touch.

What will you do in this position?

Reporting to the Lead Data Governance & Quality and operating within the KPMG Data Office, the Data Governance & Quality Manager will play a pivotal operational role in data governance activities. Data governance is the exercise of authority, control, and shared decision-making (planning, monitoring, and enforcement) over the management of data assets." It involves establishing policies, procedures, and guidelines to ensure that data is managed effectively, compliantly, adheres to quality standards, and supports the organization's goals and objectives. Data governance aims to maximize the value of data, and the Data Governance & Quality Manager will support data management processes and contribute to the establishment and maintenance of overall data stewardship. This includes coordinating and managing individual data stewards and their respective sub-data domains, and actively collaborate to operationalize data governance activities.

Empowering data-driven success - Being a part of the recently established KPMG Data Office provides me substantial autonomy and responsibility, while being able to create meaningful impact together with a dynamic and proficient team - Jet van Vliet (Data Strategy & Transformation Advisor)


This role is all about engaging with data domain stakeholders and really coordinating and ensure self-starting of operational data management activities. A lot needs to happen to bring the maturity of data management to the next step and you will play a pivotal role in making sure sufficient operational actions are set out. Other data stewards are parttime available which requires clarity on actions, instructions, working methods and this will challenge the Data Governance & Quality Manager to make sure the actions are clear and value is recognized. Furthermore you will be co-leading the data council with operational data owners and making sure the meetings run smoothly with proper preparation and wrap-up.


The Team

You will be joining a new, young and energetic team with a lot of positive energy and drive to bring the Data Office to a higher level. The opinions of every team member are valued and taken into account which leads to balanced decision-making, but also honesty and transparancy. Furthermore there is trust and to some extent independence for every team member to act on their own 'gut' feeling which increases our effectiveness from day-to-day and makes you 'own' your work

This is what we offer

  • Salary on the level of Advisor, a fixed expense allowance and a working from home allowance
  • 30 vacation days (on a full-time basis) and the option to buy more days or sell your vacation days
  • Reimbursement of your travel expenses with an NS business card or travel expenses reimbursement.
  • A completely furnished home office 
  • A laptop and iPhone which can also be used privately
  • Pension accrual without a compulsory personal contribution

  • Choice to pick from different courses which contribute to your own personal and professional development

  • Focus on well-being! There is a gym at the Amstelveen office or you can get a discount for a gym near your house and you get access to different health and/or vitality programs

  • ‘Together’ is one of our core values. So you can count on different social activities, like team events, drinks with colleagues and events with all your KPMG colleagues

Standardization and Methodology Development
Issue Management and Coordination
Communication and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Analyzing, defining, and documenting data governance working methods

  • Planning, implementing and reporting data governance working methods and data domain working groups

  • Engaging stakeholders across data domains to adopt data governance working methods

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Let’s meet Githa de Waard

Let’s meet Githa de Waard


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