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Data & analytics vacancies

This is working in data & analytics

As a member of the data & analytics team at KPMG, you play a crucial role in helping organizations with their digital transformation. You combine data-driven technology with extensive domain knowledge to advise clients and help them become more data-driven and implement data & analytics solutions. Are you looking for a job in data & analytics? Our data analytics vacancies might be perfect for you!

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At KPMG, we work in multidisciplinary teams where we combine our data science and business expertise with process and sector knowledge from other teams. For example, we are building an ecosystem for the Johan Cruijff ArenA, which serves as a testing ground to make cities more sustainable and smarter. And with the help of data analytics, we are helping Team DSM cycling team reach the top. We also organize an annual Hackweek where you have all the time and space to work on your own ideas. Code away with Python, build a robot that eliminates litter, or do something we haven't even thought of yet.

Did you know that in the data & analytics team, we spend 10% of our time on research and development? That's what makes working in our team so unique! Will you apply for one of our data & analytics vacancies?

Subteams of data & analytics

Advanced analytics & big data

As a data engineer or data scientist, you will be in direct contact with our clients to understand their needs and create appropriate and explainable solutions for them. We perform data analyses for various organizations.

Data-driven transformation

We leverage our knowledge of data analysis and expertise to help organizations with questions about their business processes. This includes processing, modeling, analyzing, and visualizing data in dashboards for our clients and optimizing their proce

Business intelligence

We help businesses extract more value from their data by building a data platform and translating data into insights and actions. We also support companies in developing their data strategy.

Data management

We advise organizations on managing their data as a strategic business asset. This includes structuring the data strategy, from achieving an accurate self-image to defining the future vision.

Data & analytics business development

We support all D&A teams as well as non-D&A/business teams (such as sustainability and supply chain) in winning impactful D&A projects with clients both domestically and internationally.

Learn for a lifetime

A career at KPMG means a strong focus on your personal and professional development, and we offer you many opportunities for growth. You will have access to training and education in the areas of data analytics, technology, consulting, and soft skills. Innovate together with your colleagues on a specific topic in our research & development Tech domain and contribute to the solutions of tomorrow.

In addition, you will have a lot of responsibility and will work in project teams on challenging issues for organizations in various sectors. Together, we create a diverse and challenging work environment. Do you enjoy being challenged and want to work in an environment where personal development and growth are central? Then the data & analytics team at KPMG is the right place for you! With a combination of technical expertise, strategic insight, and a passion for innovation, you can also contribute to the growth and development of KPMG and our clients. View our data & analytics job openings.

Cycling through the eyes of KPMG

What is the best positioning in a sprint? When should a rider initiate the sprint? And what does the perfect sprint train look like? Thanks to the data analytics of the data & analytics team, the Team DSM cycling team can generate better insights and develop an ideal battle plan for the sprint train.

Let’s meet Anniek Blaak

Let’s meet Anniek Blaak


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