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Risk & regulatory vacancies

This is working in risk & regulatory

In a world where changes are rapidly unfolding, risk management is essential to prepare organizations for new opportunities and challenges that arise. Helping organizations gain a deep understanding of the implications of everything happening around us—from cyber risks to regulatory compliance implementation, and from fraud investigation and organizational culture to the quantification of financial risks.

Does this sound interesting to you? Then the KPMG risk & regulatory team is definitely for you! Take a look at our risk & regulatory vacancies or cybersecurity consulting vacancies. You'll work in a dynamic and creative environment on small and large assignments for a wide range of organizations, from government entities to listed companies, and from financial institutions to family businesses.

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Collaboration within risk & regulatory work: our subteams


KPMG Forensic advises organizations on suspicions of fraud, integrity breaches, cyber incidents, and transactional uncertainties. Will you help us uncover all the facts?

Governance, risk & compliance services

Assist organizations in mapping complex business processes and risks. Provide advice on setting up internal audit, risk, and internal control departments within organizations.

Financial risk management

Data, technology, and regulations are evolving rapidly, and the FRM team is evolving even faster. Broaden your own horizons and those of our clients in the financial sector. Will you ensure that our clients are ready for the future?

Tracking down criminals and fraudsters?

What do you do when there are signs of possible fraud within a large international tech company? Watch the video and discover how the team operates. If you're looking for a cybersecurity job or a position in risk & regulatory management, then take a look at our risk & regulatory vacancies.

Let’s meet Lotte Verbrugh

Let’s meet Lotte Verbrugh


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