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Digital Audit Traineeship

Innovate the world of the financial auditor 

Introducing the most innovative among our trainee tracks: the Digital Audit Traineeship. In this traineeship, you will become a key link between our financial auditors and the Digital Assurance & Innovation department. Together with colleagues, you will work on innovative tools and digital solutions that make audit work more efficient and reliable. How amazing would it be if,, for instance, you could verify 100% of the revenue with just one click of a button, instead of relying on manual sampling? There are many more opportunities like this. In this traineeship, you will identify them and develop and build innovations. 

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Become a registered accountant and digital pioneer 

Whether you are a graduate in accounting or controlling with an interest in innovation, or you have a digital or IT background and are curious about the world of audit and assurance, we tailor the program to fit you. Our trainees come from diverse backgrounds, which is great because it strengthens the team. And all of you will develop into registered accountants and digital pioneers! 

40% of your time for innovation 

This traineeship is similar to the Financial Audit Traineeship, with the main difference being that in this track, once you are settled in, you will spend approximately 40% of your time on innovation through digitalization, automation, robotics, and more. If you enjoy it, you can also acquire programming skills to build smart tools yourself or with some assistance. It is important to note that during the first year, you will primarily focus on audit work. This way, you will learn about the nature of the work and have a better idea of the areas that require innovation. During your traineeship, you will also obtain your registered accountant (RA) qualification. 

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Saskia (24) is in her third year of the traineeship. She already knew KPMG from her internship and is now a supervisor and digital auditor. She enjoys playing korfball and having a great time with colleagues. 

"If you are entrepreneurial, this traineeship is a perfect fit for you. Since it is still very new, not everything is set in stone, and you have a lot of influence on how your track unfolds. Your development manager, innovation manager, and colleagues are always ready to assist you in shaping your journey." 

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Let’s meet Soesja Ceulen

Let’s meet Soesja Ceulen


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