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IT Audit & Assurance Academy

Step into the role of a detective as an IT audit consultant

Would you open a bank account with a bank that has a data breach? A healthy organization has its IT in order. Easy to say, but IT is growing, becoming more sophisticated, and more important. IT is everywhere. That is why now is the perfect time to apply for KPMG's IT Audit & Assurance Academy. Together with colleagues, you will step into the role of a detective. As an IT audit consultant, you delve into the evidence and conduct complex analyses to determine whether organizations are doing the right things. In doing so, you contribute to public trust and a strong, fair economy. 

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Training to become an IT auditor 

Alongside your work at KPMG as an IT audit consultant, you will pursue a part-time postgraduate program to become an IT auditor (RE). Once you obtain your diploma, you will belong to the professional order of IT auditors, a protected title with great career prospects! Many consultants have a background in business & information technology. However, we welcome candidates with different study backgrounds as well. 

Develop audit and people skills in the IT Audit & Assurance Academy

Numbers and systems are definitely part of your job in the IT Audit & Assurance Academy. But did you know that being an IT auditor is much more dynamic than that? You will visit various companies and regularly engage with clients. Everywhere you go, you will literally and figuratively get a behind-the-scenes look. Along the way, you will develop your audit and people skills at this challenging intersection of business and IT. Your ‘working life’ may have begun, but you will continue learning every day! 

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Let’s meet Lotte Enzler

Let’s meet Lotte Enzler


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