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About KPMG

Welcome to KPMG. A global player with Dutch roots that surprises you every day. With dedicated colleagues, a warm culture, entrepreneurial spirit, and an incredibly broad field of work.

What you (may not) know about us

When you think of us, you probably think of accounting, audit, assurance, and financial advisory. And indeed, we have been recognized as an authority in these areas for over hundred years. But do you also think about strategic models for the future of healthcare? Custom algorithms for better planning of maintenance on 7,000 km of railway tracks? And a living lab full of innovation projects in the Johan Cruijff ArenA to make cities more sustainable? KPMG professionals utilize their diverse knowledge and expertise to address numerous societal challenges. We work towards shaping the future of the Netherlands and the world. This makes working with us both challenging and meaningful.

Our values

Everything we do, we do based on our values: Integrity, Excellence, Courage, Together, and For Better. Watch the video below where our colleagues Albert, Relucksha, Ward, Mike, Glenda, Emily, Kareem, Moise, and Déwyk tell you more about how these values are reflected in their work at KPMG.

Always a project that suits you

What do you want to proudly tell your family and friends about in the future? What are your personal motivations, goals, and ambitions? KPMG definitely has projects that align with them. With the largest companies and most prestigious public organizations as our clients, there is always something to choose from. Or perhaps you want to make a difference within our own organization. In the Netherlands alone, we have nearly 3,900 colleagues across twelve offices. That offers plenty of opportunities!

“Our power is our people”

At KPMG, we embrace an innovative mindset. However, we remain an organization where people are at the core, where you, as a colleague, are central. This has been true since our founder Piet Klijnveld – which marks the K in KPMG – hired his first colleague in 1917. And even now, we consider the development and well-being of our people as paramount. Or, in the words of CEO Stephanie Hottenhuis: “Our power is our people.”

ESG & Sustainability

Did you know that we have had a sustainability department since the 1990s, making us the first major company in the Netherlands to do so? We recognize that ecological, social, and governance (ESG) issues are becoming increasingly important. Fortunately, we are no longer the only ones. However, the societal awareness still runs deep in our organization's DNA. For example, we provide advice on reducing the gender pay gap and combating child labor. It is natural for us to continuously challenge ourselves, our clients, and seek opportunities for sustainable choices and positive impact.

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What does KPMG offer?

First and foremost, an award-winning onboarding program to ensure a great start. And, of course, the basics: a healthy, hybrid, inclusive work environment that allows you to maximize your potential. A place where your knowledge grows, and where you enjoy what you do. In addition, we offer attractive employment conditions and a range of special perks. From Jump Start Friday (enjoying an early weekend in the summer months) to exercising in The Work Out!

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Come as you are

With nearly 3.900 people, we all belong to KPMG. As we are all different, it is for precisely that reason that we complement each other and create new opportunities: together, for better. We would love to show you what we do to make our culture as diverse and inclusive as possible. How it leads to more trust and growth. And how it helps us stand up for what is right, together.

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Life at KPMG

So much happens at KPMG every day. Colleagues work on exceptional projects in the Netherlands and beyond. We are here to inspire you. That is why we have gathered the most captivating stories: interesting cases, prestigious awards we have won, and, of course, blogs by our colleagues.

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