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What does KPMG offer?

Making a difference can be done anywhere, but making a big difference can only be done in a few places. KPMG is such a place. We have a seat at the tables where the future is decided and you are cordially invited. Together, we solve current issues and for this we need unique knowledge and experience. Insights from smart, innovative and enthusiastic people. Your insights. That is why we create a healthy working environment where you can make the most of yourself. Will you be joining KPMG? This is what you may expect:

Make your mark

Unique insights come from unique people. That is why from your first day at KPMG the focus is on your professional and personal development. To make sure you quickly feel completely at home, we have a unique onboarding programme in place for you. You will get to know KPMG, build your network and we will explore your personal purpose. What is your drive? This serves as a compass for your contribution to our organization, our clients and society. How big that contribution is is entirely up to you. Indeed, entrepreneurship is hugely encouraged within KPMG. Do you have a bright idea? That could just grow into a new project, product or department.

Your professional and personal development

At KPMG, we are committed to innovation and progress every day. Because if you want to get the best from yourself, you have to be motivated to keep developing. So, with us, you will have every opportunity to gain knowledge that will last you a lifetime. You are never on your own: there is always someone with whom you can discuss and shape your development programme. Besides your daily work, you will have the opportunity to develop into the best version of yourself through studies, trainings and workshops. To do so, we use the most up-to-date knowledge and state-of-the-art techniques. This gives us tomorrow's insights, which we use to offer our clients the best advice today. 

A healthy hybrid workplace

We offer you a healthy working environment, both in the office and at home. With us, you will also get the opportunity to work abroad for four weeks a year. You can order a desk, chair and monitor through KPMG to set up your home office. You will also receive a home working allowance. This is how we ensure that hybrid working also works well in practice. And a healthy workplace also includes a healthy lifestyle. Want to work out in the gym at the Amstelveen office? Or rather a discount at a gym near you? The choice is yours. We also offer a discount on your health insurance with Zilveren Kruis Achmea, coaching and you can participate in various health and vitality programs.

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Havin fun together

Having fun with colleagues, celebrating successes and relaxing is indispensable. We organize many activities that you can take part in with your colleagues. Of course, there are weekly Friday afternoon get-togethers for drinks, annual summer and Christmas parties and skiing trips. We organize sports events, participate in marathons and there is a KPMG hockey, football and volleyball team. For all colleagues up to 30 years old, KPMG Connect organizes many more events, from golf clinics to cooking workshops and master classes on current topics such as sustainability, innovation or blockchain.

Experience together: Together again

After a long period of working from home due to Covid-19, we celebrated getting back together during the party 'Together again'. Watch the aftermovie!

Work-life balance

A good work-life balance is important to us; we encourage this both in and outside the office. Based on a full-time contract, you will get 30 days’ holiday. Would you like to have more days? Then you can buy them additionally from your Benefits on Demand Budget. And in the summer months of July and August, you start the weekend at 3 pm with 'Jump Start Friday'.

There are also various leave schemes that you can apply for, depending on your situation and wishes. And holidays like Ascension Day or Whit Monday may be exchanged for another holiday of your choice. Such as Eid al-Fitr or Chinese New Year.

Sports and relaxation at The Work Out

In 2020, we opened vitality and health centre The Work Out at our Amstelveen headquarters. Here you can enjoy a work out, relaxation and a visit to a physiotherapist. Take a group yoga, HIIT, running or kickboxing class. Prefer to exercise at your own pace? Trainers are always on hand to help you with your personal training plan and exercises.

Want to relax for a bit? In the lounge, there is room for a game of pool, table tennis or table football. Are you craving some silence or a moment to yourself? Choose one of the private rooms for a meditation, moment of rest or prayer.

And last but not least...

You will of course receive your salary, a home office allowance, a laptop and phone and, depending on your position/contract, a car, NS Business card or commuting allowance. You share in profits and accrue pension through Aegon Cappital with a so-called Defined Contribution scheme. KPMG pays a monthly premium, which is invested by Aegon Cappital. This way, your pension capital grows. At KPMG, you have no compulsory personal contribution. However, you can choose to pay additional monthly or periodic premiums yourself.

Open and diverse culture

As a member of the KPMG family, you will have every opportunity to be yourself and show yourself. After all, your unique insights are priceless to our clients and your colleagues. That's why we work hard to be as diverse and inclusive an organization as possible. You will be surrounded by colleagues who have the same drive as you to get the most out of themselves and make constant progress. As a result, KPMG is brimming with energy. And fun. From your first day, the focus is on your professional and personal development that will last you a lifetime.

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