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Financial Audit Traineeship

Your career as a registered accountant starts here

During the Financial Audit Traineeship, you work at KPMG while pursuing a university education to become a registered accountant (RA). The program structure depends on your educational background. There are trainees with a master's degree in accountancy, financial control, or business economics, as well as those with backgrounds further removed from these fields. No worries. The program may take a bit longer in such cases. However, a promising career as a registered accountant awaits you! 

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What do you do as a financial audit trainee? 

You perform various tasks related to auditing financial statements. It is highly diverse because you get to see all aspects of a company: HR, costs, investments, revenue, profit, and more. If you want to specialize in a specific area, such as taxation within a company, you have the opportunity to do so. Alternatively, if you prefer working in a specific sector, the head office in Amstelveen has several specialized departments: 

  • Public Sector 

  • Financial Sector 

  • Consumer, Industrial Markets 

  • Technology, Media & Telecommunications 

  • International Business 

If you work at one of the regional offices, you usually have a mix of clients, ranging from retailers to transportation companies and from housing corporations to wind turbine manufacturers. If you prefer to focus on a particular type of client, there are plenty of options available when you express your preference. 

Financial audits are teamwork 

The exciting part of the Financial Audit Traineeship is that you work on every audit in a diverse team. You collaborate with junior and senior auditors, supervisors, and experienced audit professionals. This allows you to continuously learn and share knowledge. Together, you work towards a thorough audit. When the financial statements are in order, KPMG issues an auditor's report, which is crucial for companies to conduct business and attract investments. With your work, you have an impact on the economy. 

Ask your questions to your buddies: 

Bram (24) studied HBO Accountancy and is currently a second-year trainee at the The Hague and Rotterdam regional offices. He is also pursuing his education as a registered accountant at Nyenrode. Bram loves traveling and football, and he enjoys going to the gym after work. 

"I chose KPMG because of its informal working environment and the open and diverse teams. We always wrap up each audit with a team dinner and activity. I also enjoy the fact that I learn something new every day and now have the opportunity to pass on my knowledge to new colleagues and interns." 

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Joyce (25) completed a Master's in Accountancy at the University of Amsterdam and currently works as a trainee in the Technology, Media & Telecommunications department in Amstelveen. She is currently pursuing a post-master's education to become a registered accountant. Joyce never misses the KPMG summer hockey league. 

"My advice for future trainees is to be open to your colleagues and all the opportunities that come your way. What has truly surprised me is the number of young people working here. Everyone has been in the same boat as you, with little to no practical knowledge, so colleagues can relate to your situation and are always willing to help." 

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Let’s meet Soesja Ceulen


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