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Are you looking for a Finance & Business Services vacancy? We live in a digital age where innovations and technological advancements are rapidly evolving. Additionally, globalization has increased worldwide competition. Many companies find it challenging to take a step back and analyze where the opportunities lie. As part of the Finance & Business Services team at KPMG, you play a crucial role in providing the helping hand businesses need to tackle these challenges. 

With an integrated, tailor-made solution, you assist clients in optimizing and transforming their entire business services (finance, HR, procurement, facilities, IT sourcing, and more), including the associated business processes. You provide the necessary external perspective and possess the knowledge to achieve a successful transformation. You identify obstacles and bottlenecks and work closely together with the client to ensure success. Our department has several subteams, so there is always a Finance & Business Services vacancy that suits you! 

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Digital sourcing

We focus on everything related to sourcing and implementing large-scale technology solutions. Always modern and customer-oriented, often on an international scale!

Digital process excellence

Do you help organizations optimize their business processes and are you an expert in the latest technologies such as RPA, chatbots, low-code, and process mining?

Enterprise performance management

We assist organizations in the public and commercial sectors in achieving their financial objectives and strategies. We provide advice in areas such as the planning and control cycle, ESG reporting and EPM tooling.

Procurement & supply chain

We support and advise organizations in the digitization and optimization of procurement departments and in optimizing and making supply chains more sustainable.

HR transformation

Do you contribute to the success of our clients with a future-proof HR function? We help develop a vision and strategy and guide HR transformations using digital solutions and new technologies.

Finance transformation & global business services

We support and advise CFOs and global organizations in creating a vision and strategy for a future-proof financial function and transforming it to the desired level.

Managed services

We complement consultancy services and assist clients in the implementation and execution of processes. We offer solutions to challenges such as staff shortages, spikes in cyberattacks, and the shift to a hybrid IT environment.

Learn for a lifetime

Working at KPMG is unique due to the focus on personal and professional development and providing opportunities for career growth. Personal growth is central at KPMG. As a professional, you have ample opportunity to develop yourself and grow through training and education in both technical expertise and soft skills. 

Additionally, you will have significant responsibilities and work in project teams on challenging issues for clients in various sectors, creating a diverse and stimulating work environment. If you enjoy being challenged and want to work in an environment that prioritizes personal development and growth, then KPMG's Finance & Business Services jobs are perfect for you! With a combination of subject matter expertise, strategic insight, and a passion for transformations, you can contribute to the growth and development of both KPMG and its clients as a professional. 

Let’s meet Mark Polman

Let’s meet Mark Polman


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