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At KPMG, people of all ages work together. Whether you are 20, 60+, or anywhere in between, it is important to us that you feel represented. We believe in the value of connecting with peers from different generations and creating opportunities for learning from and with each other.

Young at KPMG

Starting your career with us as a young professional becomes even more enjoyable when you have the chance to meet people of a similar age. These are individuals who are at a similar stage in their careers and might be dealing with similar topics. The good news is that with around 2,000 colleagues under the age of 31, you will never feel alone at KPMG. Specifically for these colleagues, we have YOUNG KPMG and Young Board Now.


This entrepreneurial club serves as the driving force behind all activities for young professionals:

  • Social: parties, drinks, and social events.
  • Sports: golf lessons and other sporting events.
  • Educational: lectures on topics such as finance and politics.
  • Community-focused: from dinners with refugees to volunteering for Make a Wish.

Young Board Now

Within the organization, Young Board Now (YBN) represents the voice of young KPMG professionals in its board. YBN acts as a bridge between the Executive Board and the next generation, who are the future leaders. Thanks to YBN, KPMG can create policies that resonate with every generation.

Advocating for the young generation

The fresh perspective and critical input of YBN are highly valuable, especially when it comes to topics such as ‘mobility’. Many of our young professionals live in city centers and have specific travel needs. Additionally, the younger generation is particularly conscious of the impact on the environment, and YBN actively supports sustainable initiatives. In this regard, different generations within KPMG collaborate effectively, as sustainability has long been a prominent agenda item. For instance, did you know that we avoid flights under 600 kilometers? We are also exploring the use of virtual reality to reduce travel requirements.

Given the significant number of colleagues under the age of 31, YBN is frequently consulted to gauge the pulse of the organization. Through our proactive approach, we genuinely have an influence, and we take pride in that!