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Gender equality

Whatever your gender identity may be, you are welcome at KPMG just the way you are. We are here to help you achieve your ambitions, grow, and overcome any obstacles. Some colleagues may face more challenges than others, such as biases and prejudices. We work hard every day to increase awareness among all colleagues, make our processes as fair as possible, and provide equal opportunities for everyone.

KPMG Inclusive

At senior management levels, female colleagues are still in the minority, and we would like to see a better balance. KPMG Inclusive is a safe network that supports, coaches, and inspires you. With KPMG Inclusive, we bring together female colleagues to get to know each other, inspire one another, and provide support. Additionally, we aim to raise awareness about gender-specific topics.

Some important subjects include:

  • appreciation and evaluation of female qualities;
  • female leadership;
  • psychological safety in the work environment.


Join our network

We do this in various ways, from female leadership events – such as interactive theater performances and talks by our CEO Stephanie Hottenhuis and other female leaders in the business world – to small-scale coffee roulette sessions, ladies nights, and female sponsorship. There are both Dutch and English language gatherings. We help each other progress, and explore together how we can break patterns for greater gender equality.