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Working at KPMG with a disability, a chronic illness, or some form of neurodiversity? Absolutely. In fact, we are thrilled if you choose us as your new employer and bring your skills and knowledge to our team. We do everything we can to:

  • enable you to work optimally, potentially with accommodations;
  • utilize your strengths in a way that works for you;
  • support your growth and development.


Introducing KPMG Ability

KPMG Ability is dedicated to raising awareness throughout the entire organization about working with disabilities or barriers to employment. We achieve this by participating in policy discussions, training managers, and offering eye-opening experiences like the ‘Gebaarista’ (a barista with a hearing impairment with whom you can only communicate using sign language). Would you like to contribute to KPMG Ability? You are most welcome to join our community!

Applying in your own way

We welcome everyone at KPMG, but we also understand that not everyone finds it equally easy to apply. Know that we are happy to accommodate your needs if that applies to you. For example, we can conduct the interview in a different setting or provide clear information in advance about how it will unfold. Please feel free to indicate in your motivation how we can help you present yourself in the best possible way.

And if it feels more comfortable or safer for you, you can also explore job opportunities with one of our partners:

This does not affect your evaluation, as you still have an equal chance of being hired as someone who follows the regular procedure. If there are any specific circumstances affecting you, it is absolutely not a problem. However, please note that the application process may take a bit longer as we work together to determine what is needed for a successful integration and how we can arrange that.

Working normally with accommodations

If you have poor vision, wearing glasses or contact lenses is considered perfectly normal. Our goal is to normalize other types of accommodations as well. Whether you require special tools like a chair, vehicle, or software, or adjustments in workload, support, or the type of work you do. If you need temporary accommodations due to a medical situation, that is also open for discussion. We would love to see you excel at what you do best! All KPMG employees have different skills. How wonderful would it be if we could complement each other?