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Digital advisory vacancies

This is working in digital advisory

Welcome to the digital advisory team at KPMG! Are you a digital transformation expert ready for a challenging and dynamic work environment? Are you curious about our digital advisory vacancies? Robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Thingsā€”technological advancements are rapidly evolving. In the digital advisory team, you'll help initiate the digital transformation of organizations and accelerate their growth agenda by leveraging digital capabilities.

As part of the digital advisory team at KPMG, you'll have the unique opportunity to work on challenging and innovative projects for a wide range of organizations in various sectors. You'll collaborate with technology experts, business advisors, data analysts, and other professionals to develop digital strategies that transform the core of business operations.

For example, you may work on a project for an online travel organization, ensuring that your family and friends can safely book a vacation online. You'll be involved in defining digital strategies for organizations and designing and building apps to combat loneliness, for instance.

You'll be part of a team that leverages the latest technologies for digital transformation. Did you know that our team consists of 150 experienced multidisciplinary experts, including computer scientists, astronomers, physicists, industrial designers, and business professionals? Excited? Then a digital advisory job at KPMG might just be for you!

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Subteams within digital advisory jobs

Digital strategy

We show organizations the possibilities of digital transformation. By formulating a digital strategy, we help clients define their digital ambition. We operate in various sectors such as Health, Fintech, and Banking.

Digital transformation

We support organizations in implementing their digital ambitions and digitizing their organizational models. We develop digital architectures as a translation of the digital strategy into a technology landscape.

Digital enablement

We address issues such as software development and architecture. We develop custom software for our clients based on modern technology using agile methods and techniques. Check out our digital enablement vacancies.

Digital law

We provide legal services in the field of technology and ICT. The team works closely with KPMG's management and technology consultants, enabling KPMG to offer integrated digital transformation services to clients.

Personal and professional development

At KPMG, we prioritize your personal development. We are dedicated to helping our colleagues grow in their careers and offer various trainings, workshops, and educational programs to support their development. As a member of the Digital Advisory team, you'll have the opportunity to work on projects that challenge you to expand your skills and knowledge.

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