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Hybrid working at KPMG

Work is an activity, not a place

We believe in the power of hybrid working; work is an activity and not a place. As we return to the office, we are simultaneously working on a new 'normal'. At KPMG, you divide your time yourself between home, client and office in consultation with your (assignment) supervisor and your team. Want to know more about (hybrid) working at KPMG? Then read on!

This is what you may expect from us

  • We provide a healthy working environment, both in the office and at home, with a fully equipped home office.
  • A good work-life balance is important to us; we encourage this both in the office and outside. We provide an extensive health & happiness offer, and in Amstelveen, with The Work Out, there is a modern health centre for sports and relaxation.
  • Your development is our focus; we provide an excellent range of training and development opportunities with a wide variety of clients, from start-ups to international Fortune 500 companies in every sector imaginable.

Hybrid working: social activities with the team

In "Honest Conversations", colleagues answer pressing statements about hybrid working. In this episode: "We have plenty of social activities planned with the team." 

"In People & Change, it's practice what we preach. We think connecting with each other is super important. So we have our office days on Fridays and we make sure to plan our social activities then. Colleagues also meet up with each other; for instance, we go cycling, have a drink or go boating together." - Sabine Kruijt, Consultant People & Change 

Hybrid working: meetings

In the second episode of Honest Conversations, we talk about meetings: how do KPMG colleagues handle those? Are any appointments scheduled after 3 pm on Fridays? Do they put a daily lunch block in their calendar? And do they make sure they never join meetings when they don’t have to? Watch the video and find out!


Het kantoor als clubhouse

The office as a clubhouse

With hybrid working, our offices also take on a different interpretation. The office becomes a dynamic place to meet, inspire and collaborate. Our Zwolle office is the first office to be fully converted to the Clubhouse concept, with other offices to follow.

Want to know more about the clubhouse concept? Recently, RTL News made an item about this. Watch the item here from minute 8:50 to 11:00.

Hybrid working: KPMG office

In the latest episode of Honest Conversations, we ask KPMG colleagues whether they made agreements with colleagues and clients about the times when they can be reached and we ask their opinion on whether they think the KPMG office is well equipped for the work they do.

Curious about our colleagues' honest answers? 

Frequently asked questions about hybrid working

We get that you have many questions about hybrid working at KPMG. And there are also questions we haven’t found the answer to yet. The main thing is that we keep talking to each other about what works best for you, your team and the client, and how we can help. Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What is hybrid working?
With hybrid working, you are not tied to a fixed workplace, but you work from home, at the client's premises or in the office. You choose a workplace appropriate to your work that day, in consultation with your manager and team. This way, your working environment supports you in the best possible way.

How does KPMG view hybrid working?
We see hybrid working within KPMG as the new form of working. Our offices will be set up as a 'clubhouse' where you can meet, work together and learn & train, for example at the Learning Center at our Amstelveen office.

What is the 'clubhouse' concept?
We now consider our offices to be more of a 'clubhouse', a dynamic place where you gather with colleagues to meet, inspire, work with clients and learn. The clubhouse distinguishes between three different areas of work:

  1. Socialize: here you can get together with colleagues for relaxation, a cup of coffee or a nice lunch.
  2. Connect: in this work area, you can collaborate or train with each other or the client in, for instance, a project room or meeting room.
  3. Focus: places to work individually and with concentration.

Which practical matters have been arranged?
We offer you a healthy working environment, both in the office and at home. Apart from your laptop, phone (which you can also use privately), laptop bag and headset, you can order the following for your home office:

  • Height adjustable sit-stand desk
  • Desk chair
  • Monitor and also a second monitor is possible
  • Various IT assets (keyboard, mouse, webcam and docking station)

You will also receive a home office allowance in addition to an expense allowance. You may also be reimbursed for extra childcare in some situations (outside regular childcare hours), for instance if this is needed for certain client work. And a healthy workplace also includes a healthy lifestyle. We offer our colleagues, among other things:

  • An office gym with personal trainers and group classes
  • Discount at a gym (subscription) near you
  • Ergonomics coaches
  • Wi-Fi technician at home
  • An extensive range of coaching and various health and vitality programmes for example mindfulness and stress relief training.

How do we ensure a good work-life balance?
A good work-life balance is important to us; we encourage this both in the office and outside. Based on a full-time contract, you will get 30 days' holiday. Would you like to have more days? Then you can buy them additionally with your Benefits on Demand Budget. And in the summer months of July and August, you start the weekend at 3 pm with 'Jump Start Friday'. We also organize regular online workshops in areas such as wellbeing, mindfulness, stress management, remote working and personal development. In addition, many teams make mutual agreements on how they monitor their work-life balance. 

Are you allowed to exercise during working hours?
At the Amstelveen office, we have a vitality and health centre called The Workout. You can use this before, after or during working hours. At The WorkOut, besides the gym, there are also several group classes you can take. There are also tastefully decorated breast pumping, silence and prayer rooms available.  In addition, you can relax with a group of colleagues with a game console or pool table and football table. Would you rather exercise near your home? We also offer company fitness, which allows you to take out a tax-efficient gym membership near you.

What are the working hours?
Naturally, the contract you have agreed is leading for the number of hours you work. In principle, these are during office hours, but generally working hours have become a lot more flexible and everything is in consultation with the team.

Colleagues also remind each other that their working hours do not have to be the other's working hours. For example, this is the signature of Caroline Tervoort, our CHRO: "My working day may not be your working day. If you receive this email outside of your usual working hours, please do not feel that you have to respond immediately."

Who decides whether you work from home or at the office?
Try to determine this based on the activities you do in the relevant day. Is it going to be a day when you need a lot of focus and concentration? If so, this work can be done well from home. Do you have a brainstorming session planned or are you working in a project team? Then meeting in the office is the obvious thing to do. We call this Activity Based Working; the workplace you choose matches the activity you do. Of course, there are focus areas in the office if you don't have one at home.

How does the application process work? Online or physical?
Currently, most job interviews are scheduled digitally, but you can always indicate if you prefer to have an interview in the office. We hope and expect to invite and meet you live at the office again soon.

And when you are working from home...

You’re almost afraid to ask but want to know: is it lonely working from home at such a large company? Our colleagues answer that question in this video.

Do you want (hybrid) working at KPMG too?

Did you get excited and would also like to work at KPMG? Explore our vacancies and who knows, we might welcome you soon!

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