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This is working at ESG

Together with colleagues from various countries and educational backgrounds, you will work together to make impact with our clients. From strategic analyses on the impact of climate change and developing circular business models to setting up and auditing non-financial reporting, you will help our clients in a transition to a more sustainable world. A role in the sustainability team offers a plethora of opportunities for your personal and professional development. We create the right environment for you to best shape your development.  

Do you want to work in sustainability at KPMG? Then you can choose from our Advisory or Assurance & Reporting team or start in our Business Services department.  

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This is what we are proud of

  • We are all intrinsically motivated, from our partners to our support team.
  • Innovation is of paramount importance to us, so we are involved in many new developments in the field of sustainability.
  • In our team, you can really be yourself; together we create a great working atmosphere and team spirit - both on and off the workplace!
  • We are not afraid to inspire and challenge customers in a constructively critical way.
  • For over 35 years, we have been making social impact together with our clients!
In our team, we have expertise in varying fields in different areas of sustainability. We strengthen each other and can learn a lot from each other every day.

Julius Groenendaal, Senior Consultant Sustainability

What do we do in the Advisory team?

Working in the world of sustainability. That's when you deal with overarching topics like climate and energy transition, right? No, it encompasses so much more than that. What does working in KPMG's sustainability department - 100 strong - actually entail? One thing is clear: it's an incredibly versatile field, which is evolving all the time!  

Sustainability involves a huge transition. Today, every organization has a climate or sustainability strategy. We help shape and implement them. They are very different client questions, but always with a common denominator: realizing sustainability strategies. And they range from strategic to operational level.  

The sustainability department handles both assurance and advisory work. Our advisory practice offers a wide range of services. This ranges from laying down sustainability strategies to specific deep dives on circular economy, sustainable finance, decarbonization and human rights. The various projects the consultants work on range from short sprints of a few weeks to projects with a horizon of several months or multi-year partnerships.  

Which projects are we working on?

  • For a major retailer, we are mapping out the impact of climate change in 2030 and 2050 under various scenarios and identify pathways to Net Zero.
  • For a consumer electronics retail company, we are the sustainability partner in developing the sustainability strategy, implementation plans and actually achieving the intended goals in the coming years.
  • We support a market leader in aromatics, flavourings and colourants with revamping their sustainability strategy, as well as integrating sustainability into all aspects of the business.
  • We research, define and calculate all carbon emissions of an agglomerate consisting of dozens of companies in multiple sectors.
  • For a telecommunications company, we reveal all human rights risks in their supply chain and identify actions to mitigate the risks.
  • We are developing a circular economy strategy for an international coffee company.

What do we do in the Assurance & Reporting team? 

For the effective development of strategies, accurate reporting on sustainability performance is also important. Reporting provides insight (often in an annual report) into how a company is performing on the sustainability cornerstones in its strategy, in the areas of environment, social and governance, also known as ESG. ESG reporting allows a company to assess non-financial indicators and promotes further strategy development. 

During an assurance project, we get a glimpse into our clients' operations, into how they manage their strategy, collect data and report on it in their annual report. In assurance, consider for example auditing non-financial information, such as water consumption, carbon emissions and HR or safety indicators.   

This way, we help our client give their investors and other relevant stakeholders a reliable view of how the company manages and performs on social and environmental impact.  

ESG reporting is constantly evolving and will play a major role in the coming years, both in the corporate and public sectors. This is widely driven from international initiatives such as the European Union's European Green Deal.   

From the Assurance & Reporting team, we are closely involved in these developments and there is plenty of room for innovation! 

Which projects are we working on?

  • We provide assurance to various organizations. From (listed) multinational and financial institutions to large family businesses.
  • We assess whether the processes mandated from headquarters are carried out correctly by the local production site.
  • We conduct substantive critical discussions on the ESG strategy, assess the appropriateness and relevance of KPIs and check whether the reported texts and numbers present a true picture.
  • We offer workshops within the field of ESG assurance, zooming in on current and future reporting frameworks.
  • We conduct readiness assessment projects to assess an organization's readiness for assurance on selected indicators.

Working in ESG Audit at KPMG

You are about to graduate and you know one thing for sure: you want to work in auditing. Colleague Marc Borstlap talks more about working at KPMG as an ESG Auditor. 

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