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Inclusion and diversity

As a member of the KPMG family, you will have every opportunity to be yourself and show yourself. After all, your unique insights are priceless to our clients and your colleagues. That's why we work hard to be as diverse and inclusive an organization as we can possibly be. We do this, for example, through our diversity communities in the areas of pride, gender, ability, cultural & international and generation. That way, we create an atmosphere brimming with creativity and innovation in which you can work together in the best possible way.

We believe all our colleagues belong here with their own perspectives and experiences. It is precisely through these different perspectives that we complement each other and create new opportunities: together, for better. Inclusion and diversity lead to more confidence, more growth and help us stand up for what is right. Working together within an inclusive and diverse team also leads to more innovation and better results. In short, more success at both team level and personal level. This is not only good for you, but also for KPMG.

Stephanie Hottenhuis, CEO KPMG Nederland: "I believe there is no true freedom without equality. Unequal opportunities - for women, for multicultural talent, for dissenters, for every conceivable minority - harm not just the individual but society as well. It destroys talent, prosperity and progress."


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Psychological safety

Psychological safety is top of mind for us. We believe in a holistic convergence of well-being, culture and inclusion: one cannot flourish without the other. We are constantly creating, improving and developing an environment where you feel safe and at home, where you can learn and experiment, contribute from your expertise and where we are open to new ideas.

This means continuously eliminating biases from our processes, committing to the well-being of our employees and coaching our staff and leadership: together, we create a future-proof KPMG where you can be who you are.


At KPMG, we strive for representation of women at leadership level. Currently, 18 percent of all the partners and directors are women and 30 percent of the group leadership team are women. 40 percent of all the colleagues are women. In this video, we interview Berber Goedhart, Partner Data & Analytics. On her leadership, motivations and how she supports young talent in their personal development. 

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Diversity networks

Five different networks provide visibility for key diversity issues such as: Gender, LGBTQIA+, Ability, cultural and generation. For example, KPMG Inclusive is a network by and for women, which ensures the visibility of gender diversity and the KPMG Pride network is committed to acceptance and awareness regarding LGBTQIA+ colleagues. This is how we create a place where you can be yourself, feel valued and make a difference.


Proud to be... Wyome

With our interview series ‘Proud to be...’, we wish to highlight our colleagues from the LGBTQIA+ community and draw attention to equal opportunities. In the videos, we let our colleagues talk about their coming out journey, how colleagues can be better allies and what 'come as you are' means to them. 
In this episode of ‘Proud to be...’, we talk to Wyome (she/they), thesis intern financial risk management at KPMG. Want to meet other colleagues from the community?

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Cultural festivities

We celebrate diversity with festivities from different cultures. Hundreds of colleagues spent a day participating in Ramadan or the Diwali event. Also, one Christian holiday may be exchanged for a holiday from another culture. For instance, you can exchange Whit Monday to be free on Eid al-Fitr or Eid al-Adha.

Entry and advancement of talent

KPMG encourages the entry, advancement, retention and promotion opportunities of talent with an international background, disability or impairment. For the entry and advancement of multicultural talent, we cooperate with Agora, and together with Onbeperkt aan de Slag, IT-Vitae, the Refugee Talent Hub, and Specialisterren, we find talented candidates with an occupational limitation. This programme supports the acceptance of employees with disabilities or chronic illnesses. KPMG retains 83% of its talent. 

"We have a moral duty to give people equal opportunities."

Our CEO Stephanie Hottenhuis talks more about diversity and inclusion within KPMG Nederland in an interview with feminist journal Opzij.

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