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About KPMG

What we do

Together we work on progress that benefits both people and society. As an auditor, you offer certainty about information as a trusted party in society. We use technology based on human insight and creativity and develop advanced solutions for the economy of tomorrow. With over 3,000 employees, we are a center of knowledge, expertise and independent thinking. At KPMG, you learn and grow quickly. At KPMG, you contribute to the future.

Who we are

Our culture is the foundation of our success. We believe hard work and having fun go hand in hand. Everything we do is based on the KPMG values. They tell us who we are, what connects us and how we interact.

Activity Based Working

At KPMG we believe a healthy balance between work and private life is important. We give you the tools and the space you need to achieve this balance yourself and we help you wherever and whenever we can. We create a healthy working environment. You can work where you want and work out when you want. We have a specially-developed program to prevent excessive workloads. And there is plenty of room for fun at our Friday afternoon drinks, team outings and ski trips.

Inclusiveness & Diversity

KPMG is a diverse organization with 60 nationalities. We create a working environment where there is room for employees, regardless of origin, age, gender or occupational disability. And environment where everyone feels involved and appreciated. For us, it is all about the best combination of individual talents in successful teams. About working together and looking beyond your own boundaries. This inclusiveness and diversity helps us create innovative solutions for our customers' issues and offer them a slightly different perspective.

Corporate Responsibility

As a large company, we have an enormous responsibility towards society. We believe it is important to give something back, which is why we have a strong focus on corporate social responsibility.

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